Quality back links

High authority dofollow quality back links - Создание правильного сайта

It is not possible to give a complete definition of a good link, because there are several factors for determining it. Accordingly, a bad link is not just a link from a low-quality or banned page, but a somewhat broader concept.

In addition to improving your position, the source of your link may also affect conversions.

Even if your page is ranked in the TOP 10 Google, you can still fight for the conversion of visitors to buyers.

According to MarketingCharts, more than 39% of online shoppers come from search. These customers are looking for relevant solutions.

Relevant backlinks are an important part of page optimization

The word “relevant” means “closely related or relevant in this matter.” If the page with the link and your page are related to the same topic, then the link is relevant.

Suppose you have a travel site and you’ve created the “Best Places to Visit in Dubai” guide. You want to build links to this page. Where do you start?

You have many opportunities. But if you get links from other travel sites in the same region, this will be great, because they are relevant to your guide. If it’s hard to get such links, take a look at pages and sites that are at least relevant to travel.

Thus, the link from the CNN travel page will be more relevant than the link from the Business Insider news page.

Небольшой совет: Если вы хотите реализовать все возможности гостевого постинга для приобретения авторитетных ссылок, даже если вы решили заказать сайт-визитку, но в вашей тематике немного сайтов и блогов, которые принимают гостевые посты, вы можете размещать комментарии на сайтах смежной тематики.

However, there is a good general principle that should be guided by: the more valuable the link, the more difficult it is to get it.

Because getting good links is not so easy.

Imagine how much it costs you to link with Business Insider, CNN or White House. One such link will definitely blow up your position in the search, but how to get it?

Similarly, less valuable links are easier to get. And that is a fact. It is easy to get a link from the forum, because all you need to do is leave a link in a comment in the discussion thread, and your link will go away if there is no serious moderation.

So, let's look at a few factors that make a link “good”. We can use these metrics to determine which links are worth our time.