Good backlinks

Valuble dofollow backlinks increase organic traffic

Links can have a major impact on your ranking, for better or worse.

No matter which link building method (black or white) you choose, you should be prepared for the possible consequences.

A comparative report on Internet marketing by MarketingSherpa’s 2012 shows that 59% of companies resorted to building backlinks. Leading brands, small businesses and bloggers also can not do without link building.

It is important to conduct a full analysis of backlinks and identify both good and bad links to your site.

You know that good links will have a positive effect on your ranking, while bad links are potentially harmful to your site.

In 2014, SEORanksUp surveyed 72 SEO experts for his report on ranking factors. According to respondents, the popularity of a specific page’s link is 22.33% of Google’s ranking factors, while the domain trust is 23.87%.

You want to avoid Google’s penalties as much as possible, especially now that Google is focusing more on user's intentions than on their requests.

In the past, any links were rolled. Google never liked bad links, but it just didn't have a tool to deal with them. Now this game has different rules.

The Panda update focuses on the quality of the content. The update makes it clear that Google prefers earned rather than built links.

Remember that backlinks are important for ranking / line items.

Хорошие ссылки улучшат позиции сайта и несут целевой органический трафик сайту, в то время как плохие ссылки могут добавить много проблем.

Поэтому важно провести тщательный анализ обратных ссылок, прежде чем начинать искать или получать ссылки. При определении стоимости сайта следует разрабатывать стратегию создания авторитета домена и приобретении качественных внешних ссылок, что является важными компонентами алгоритма ранжирования в поисковой выдачи.