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Computer network technician is a mid-level specialist who is engaged in the operation and maintenance of the operability of computer networks, complexes and systems based on hardware, software and communication components of information technology.

Computer systems technician is a modern profession for modern people

In the 21st century, with the rapid development of information technology, the pace of life is accelerating, and the main resource is information that “compresses” space and speeds up time.

In modern conditions, knowledge, intelligence, culture, education, intelligence should be a priority in the life of a modern person.

The main directions of innovative education include democratization, humanization, fundamentalization, informatization, integration, multivariance, technology and are determined by social order, as modern society needs competitive professionals who are in demand in the labor market.

Education as a sociocultural phenomenon, focused on the formation of personality, performs the most important functions of professionalization and socialization.

These changes affect not only the established values, but also the choice of a profession, where the practical sense is the criterion of fidelity of the decision.

The global information space entails the widest use of the latest information technologies, and first of all, computer networks.

Today it is impossible to imagine any enterprise, organization, technological process or production, educational process or entertainment industry without the use of computer technology in modern society.

Sooner or later, the automation issue for most enterprises and organizations becomes more relevant than ever, and many managers strive to use the achievements of modern information technologies.

Therefore, the programmer is a kind of consultant, performing an intermediary function between what the manager wants to receive and what the world of high technologies offers at the moment. An important feature of information technology is, of course, computer software and computer technology.

Программист, имеющий многолетний опыт работы, поможет максимально верно определить и выполнить задачи.
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Computer network technician responsibilities also include:

  • designing the network infrastructure of an organization;
  • network administration;
  • technical control of computer networks;
  • operation of network infrastructure facilities;
  • participation in supporting information security.

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